Celebrate Christmas with Paintball Vouchers

christmas-shopping-1The chaos of Christmas shopping starts earlier every year, and in just a couple of weeks time the high street will be a battle zone – and not the kind we like! Thankfully there is an alternative though, and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your sofa. So sit back, relax, and let us run through what makes a Go Ballistic paintball voucher the perfect present.

They’re Completely customisable

Like all the best battle zones our gift vouchers are completely customisable. You choose the value (from £10), the message, and the gift wrap – making each voucher 100% unique. So if you want to guarantee your gift really stands out, why not add your own ‘special’ message – whether that’s a festive verse or promise of pain..

airsoftonline-shoppingThey’re valid formore than just paintball

As if getting your hands on a Go Ballistic voucher wasn’t exciting enough,it covers a lot more than just paintball.That’s right,one voucher is valid for a whole host of activities and experiences including:airsoft,laser combat,and zombieScreenshot from 2016-08-15 13-18-58screenshot-from-2016-12-05-16-19-14survival experiences.

They’re Available at any time..even Christmas Day!

If you like to leave things last minute,or have just plain forgotten somebody your secret’s safe with us.By choosing an eVoucher you’ll receive your paintball voucher instantly – and nobody will be any the wiser.Your Go Ballistic voucher will be sent straight to your inbox,meaning all you need to do is print it out and take the credit for an awesome present.The perfect crime!

They get you intoUK’s best paintball parks

We’re proud to boast the biggest and best selection of paintball parks in the country,which means getting your hands on a Go Ballistic voucher guarantees you entry to the UK’s premier paintball parks.Our arenas are home to some of the best battle zones around,so whether you’re battling it out in an abandoned nuclear bunker,or waging war in a woodland fort we can promise a truly immersive combat experience.

They’re perfectly presented

Whether you choose an eVoucher,a gift box or a gift wallet,you can rest assured that your voucher will arrive perfectly presented.Our signature Go Ballistic gift wallets are ideal for slipping into cards and stockings,while our glossy gift boxes make the perfect Christmas keepsake – and they even include a free adrenalin guide!

Still not convinced?Here’s what those lucky enough to get their hands on aGo Ballisticvoucher thought of their present..

“Purchased as a gift they had a fantastic time”

Donna Elsmore,Paintball Stoke-on-Trent

“I bought this as a gift for my dad and brother and they loved it!They had such a good day!I will definitely be booking again.”

Sharna Hayward,Airsoft Kidderminster

“My son and his friends had a brilliant time.Extremely well organised and a perfect present!”

Jacqui Purdy,Paintball Sidcup

“Fantastic day out.”

Lisa Webber,Paintball Bournemouth-Hurn

Chester Paintball Wins Venue of the Month for October!

With winter now in full swing, it’s time to don our best waterproofs and get prepared for mud, mud and more mud! Which is something we here at Go Ballistic HQ are always up for. But with so many fantastic paintball venues to choose from, we’re often wondering where to go. With that being said, it’s also a tough task for us to pick only one winner for our Venue of the Month award. After much deliberation, we eventually came to the decision that Chester Paintball are the worthy winners for October!

Based on a former Cold War military base designed to protect the North West from mother Russia, it is now home to more action than the site ever got to see in its heyday. This is exhilarating paintball action as it should be, delivering intense thrills as you make your way across all 19 epic game zones we have on-site. Definitely not for the faint of heart, get ready for a sweat-dripping, pulse-racing action fantasy that can transport you from famous war battlefields to zombie shootouts in seconds.

But, don’t worry! No no previous experience required to take part, meaning this is an experience which is highly beginner-friendly – with full tuition and equipment provided throughout your session. With 19 different game zones at our Chester site’s disposal, you’ll no doubt be spoilt for choice when you see the likes of our Black Hawk Down and Hamburger Hill games!

very good day out all enjoyed themselves would recommend we’ll be back”
Brad – 27th Oct 2018

fantastic day, very well organised. boys thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely be back !”
Kelly – 6th Oct 2018

So, if you’re a true adrenaline junkie, then you certainly won’t be disappointed if you pay a visit to Chester Paintball. You can find out additional information about this awesome venue by visiting this link.

Have Yourself A Messy Little Christmas This Year…

In addition to lighting up the tree this Christmas, have you thought about lighting up your work colleagues with paint at your local Go Ballistic venue?

As you transport you and your colleagues to the front line of combat, you’ll have to work together as a team if you are going to overcome our array of militaristic challenges – all of which are designed to release your inner warrior!

A Christmas paintball party will provide you and your team with the chance to muck around, all while improving their team-building skills including both communication and leadership!

So, it’s time to ditch the usual office party and head for the woods, because Christmas really is about to get messy!

Don’t just take our word for it. Last year, Office Manager of a local Accountancy Firm, Fiona, decided to take the plunge and take her team paintballing for their Christmas treat. Read on to see how it fared with Fiona and her team.

“Every year, it’s always me that gets lumbered with the job of organising the office Christmas party and it’s an absolute nightmare. To make things even harder we usually try to avoid all the embarrassing stuff other offices do, and if you knew the rabble I worked with you’d understand why!

Instead of the bog-standard wild night out we like to spend our Xmas parties doing something we wouldn’t normally do. A lot of the guys go out at the weekend anyway, so working our way round the local bars and pubs isn’t really a unique way to celebrate surviving another year in the office.

I’m not sure why, but this year I decided it would be a great idea for us to go paintballing. The guys at work are always competing with each other, so I figured heading into battle would give them the perfect opportunity to unleash their competitive streak. For the rest of us it was more about getting some much needed payback, but I knew we’d all love it.

When I suggested paintball to the team, they all jumped at the idea – and before I’d even finished what I was saying the “office banter” was already flying round. I never knew we had so many paintball experts in the office! As a little extra treat I even arranged for us to finish work a day ahead of schedule, so we could head to the battlefield whilst everyone else was stuck at work.

The day of our event arrived and despite it being freezing cold there was no snow, which meant we could forget about feeling festive and focus on covering each other with paint. Altogether there were 19 of us on the battlefield and we got a game zone to ourselves, which made the whole thing even more exciting. The guys at the paintball site were all really friendly too and as soon as they found out we were on our Christmas party they really upped the ante.

We started off by playing all the classic games like Capture the Flag, but before I knew it was being chased down by pretty much the entire office. I’m not sure at what point I signed up for a game called “Hunt the Boss” but I guess that’s what you get for organising your Christmas party at a paintball park! I definitely held my own though and even managed to eliminate a couple of people before I was caught, that’ll teach em!

The whole event was a huge success and not only was it a great Christmas party, it was fantastic team building exercise. I’d recommend paintball to anybody, our office is a real mixed bunch of people and we all absolutely loved it. I’ll definitely be organising another event with Go Ballistic, but I won’t be waiting until next December. Paintball’s not just for Christmas!”

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Find out more and book your Christmas party here!

Are You Ready for the Fright of Your Life This Halloween?

With Halloween on the horizon and paintball parks across the country already overrun by zombies, the undead invasion has officially begun. But it’s about more than just paintball this year because our ultra-immersive Zombie Survival Experiences are now here!

Putting you right at the heart of the apocalypse, these incredible experiences give you the chance to come face-to-face with the undead army, and if you thought The Walking Dead was scary, then you’re in for the fright of your life! There’s no time to be scared though, with everything from abandoned asylums to derelict factories overrun by the undead it’s a race against time to stop the zombie virus spreading.

With an epic arsenal of weapons at your disposal you’ll wage war with the living dead at some of the UK’s most terrifying locations, where you’re kitted up with a paintball marker or airsoft rifle. It’s not just the venues that are one-of-a-kind either, every experience is completely unique too, which means you never know what your next mission might be. One minute you could be searching your surroundings for survivors, the next you could be battling your way through huge hordes of zombies. The only thing that’s for sure is your survival skills will be pushed to the limit!

These awesome experiences aren’t just for zombie fans though, if you’re crazy about combat sports like airsoft and paintball you’ll love every second – but even if you’re not, what’s not to love about blowing zombies to pieces!

With 12 outbreaks already confirmed across the country now is the perfect time to join the fightback. So, what do you say, are you brave enough to take on a zombie survival experience?

You can find your nearest venue here.

Five of the Best Paintball Markers of 2018

When it comes to paintball, having the right weapon in your hands is quite a big deal. In the end, it’s what determines whether you and your team win or lose. If you’re looking to change your game for the better, purchasing a new marker is certainly something to consider. But, with the paintball marker industry as saturated as ever, it can be challenge in itself to choose the right one. That’s why we here at Go Ballistic have highlighted some of the best markers that are out there right now. So, without further ado…

Tippmann A-5
AKA: The Sharp Shooter

The A-5 model from Tippmann makes it onto the list because of its reliability, accuracy and speed. One of the most important features of this marker is its Cyclone Feed System, which enables the marksman to fire as quickly as possible – we’re talking up to 15 paintballs per second! In addition to that, a 16” barrel length makes for better accuracy out in the game zone, making this gun ideal for the sharp-shooter.

As this marker is known for its sturdiness and reliability, it also means that the gun weighs in at 2.5kg – a weight which is heavier than most other markers out there at the moment. Another slight negative about the marker would be its price point. At £209, this marker is at the higher end of the pay scale when compared to other models. But, with its greater overall capabilities, is it only a small price to pay?

Tippmann Cronus
AKA: The All-Rounder

Sticking with the ever-reliable Tippmann brand, we’re moving onto one of the cheaper models – the Tippmann Cronus. This model is without doubt one of the most popular Tippmann models out there. This isn’t surprising due to its simplicity, reliability and durability. It’s also easy on the wallet, making it a perfect marker for beginner and intermediate players who are looking for a comfortable marker which has good accuracy.

Based on the legendary Tippmann 98 model, this updated model has retained some of the classic elements, while modernising some features such as a rail system used to attach accessories such as red dot sights, lights or grips. Unlike the A-5, the mechanical trigger system means that the Cronus will only be firing seven balls per second. However, at only £90, this marker more than makes up for it with its good range and accuracy.

Empire Mini
AKA: The Sleek Machine

As one of the most compact markers out there, the Empire Mini really does live up to its name. Its small size means that it is extremely lightweight and easy to control when running around the paintball arena. The Empire Mini also has a number of fantastic features including a two-handle design and a pressure gauge on the air connector, meaning that you can check your remaining air at a glance.

One of its most significant features however, is an electronic trigger system – which makes it easier to fire as fast as your fingers can pull the trigger! Ideal for intermediate players who are looking for a high end paintball marker or those who are new to tournament paintball, the Empire Mini could well be the marker for you. But, because of all of the premium additional features, this marker will set you back nearly £350 – you’d better get that penny jar out.

Dye Proto MaXXed Rize
AKA: The Professional

Despite being on the higher end of the price scale for most players, Dye’s Proto MaXXed Rize is a great marker for the more experienced player who is looking to upgrade their weapon of choice while not breaking the bank too much. Dye have really focussed on production quality for this model, and it shows throughout. From its electronic trigger, to it’s autococker firing mechanism and sticky grips, this well-designed marker ticks the boxes in nearly every department.

It’s hard to find any negative aspects for this marker. Even the price (£220) is on the healthy side for a tournament-level piece of equipment. From its straight-shooting 14” barrel, this marker has the capability to shoot up to 15 balls per second without chopping paint – everything about this high end marker screams quality.

Spyder MR100
AKA: The Long Ranger

Another great all-rounder, this time from the guys at Spyder. Known for its durability, the MR100 features a long barrel and sturdy stock – guaranteeing a greater accuracy out in the field. Whether you’re using this marker in the woods or for speedball, the default double tap trigger makes it one of the most versatile weapons of choice at the moment.

The longer barrel and composite grips makes sure that your range will be on point, too. If you’re a beginner who is looking to get into the game seriously, then this is the marker for you. What’s more, at just over £110, the price is right for this seriously reliable marker.

Final Thoughts

So there we have it, folks. Five markers which will (hopefully) up your paintball game exponentially! Of course, there are plenty of other brands and models of markers out there, but these five are a good place to start. With a marker featured here for all budgets and player levels, you’ll be sure to find the right marker for you.

Five of The Coolest Places To Go Paintballing!

There’s a lot more to paintball than stacks of old tyres, old Transit vans and trees in the woods. Around the world, there are a number of super impressive paintball sites which you wouldn’t believe have been specifically built for this sport. Some paintball sites have been reclaimed from the past to host spectacular paintball experiences for newcomers and seasoned professionals alike. So, let’s dive straight into the action as we run down five of the best places to paintball around the world!

Hot Shots Paintball, Australia

Starting off down under, Hot Shots is voted Australia’s number one paintball centre and the fourth best in the entire world! If that isn’t reason enough to visit this amazing park, then its 50 acres of themed playing fields surely is. You’d soon forget that you were in Melbourne, as Hot Shots boasts a number of themed structures, real movie props, exciting backdrops and Hollywood special effects (complete with explosions and sound effects, of course). Add all of these elements to its eleven (yes, eleven!) individual battlefields, you won’t be forgetting about this experience anytime soon – this certainly isn’t your average paintball field!

Hollywood Sports, USA

If you’re looking for a blockbuster of an experience, be sure to check out Hollywood Sports paintball park based in the heart of Los Angeles. It’s certainly a unique one, as it’s the only place on earth that will provide you with the opportunity to play paintball inside actual movie sets! Spread over 28 acres of land, the paintball fields include sets from classic films such as Starship Troopers, The Haunting, Saving Private Ryan, Godzilla and many more! So, if you’re after a truly authentic experience, then Hollywood Sports in California is surely the paintball venue for you!

Asylum Paintball, New Zealand

Hands up who would love to paintball at a former psychiatric hospital? Well, just head to Asylum Paintball in Kingseat, near Auckland, New Zealand and you can do just that! Widely known as one of the best paintball sites in New Zealand, Asylum has a number of indoor and outdoor arenas that are ready and waiting for you to explore from Lockdown Ward to Tyre Mania and Asylum Paintball Sport! Enjoy firing paintballs in these arenas as a part of a birthday, stag/hen party, corporate or team building event. If you’re looking for that ultimate adrenaline hit, then why not try your hand at Asylum’s unique night paintballing sessions?!

Paintball Explosion, USA

If you’re a video game fanatic, then Paintball Explosion is the site you need to visit. Based in East Dundee, Illinois, Paintball Explosion is home to seven arenas which can be used for paintball, airsoft and laser tag. With a total of seven arenas to choose from, their themed zones are designed to mimic popular video games. The most popular zone at Paintball Explosion is their Nuketown field, which is based on the ever popular Call of Duty game. Other arenas include Mutiny Field, Code Black Field and World At War Field. So, if you’re looking to recreate your COD PB in real life, then this is certainly the place to do just that.

Escobar Paintball, Colombia

If realism is your thing, then you’d better put Escobar Paintball on your bucket list. As its name suggests, this experience involves playing paintball at one of drug lord Pablo Escobar’s former mansions in Guatape, Colombia – close to the city of Medellín. In true Colombian style, the adventure begins by riding atop of a jeep from Guatape to the La Manuela ranch, where visitors get to learn about the man himself and his previous incessant wealth. After that, the paintball commences. Participants are divided up into two teams facing off against each other – the narcos and the DEA. The DEA won the real-life battle by eventually bringing Mr Escobar’s nasty regime to an end – will you be able to do the same?

Final Thoughts

So, there we have it – five unbelievable paintball venues which totally rock! There’s something to suit almost every type of player across a number of countries, so all you have to do is pack your bags and jet off to experience a paintballing adventure like no other.


Photo Credits:

Oxford Paintball Claims Venue of the Month for September!

The summer might almost be over, but that’s certainly no excuse for you to give up your paintballing desires. We here at Go Ballistic HQ are always up for a dose of action on the battlefield, and with so many venues to choose from, action is something that is never in short supply. With that being said, it is hard for us to pick just one winner for our venue of the month award. But, we eventually came to the decision that Oxford Paintball are the winners for September! So, read on and we’ll tell you all about it!

Featuring mixed terrain including woodland areas and open ground, you’ll have plenty of space to unleash your inner soldier. It’s the perfect activity for group events of all occasions too – no matter if it’s a stag/hen do, corporate event, or a birthday party. What’s more, there’s no previous experience required to take part, meaning this is an experience which is highly beginner-friendly – with full tuition and equipment provided throughout your session.

When you pay a visit to Go Ballistic Oxford, you’ll find that it’s the perfect place to get your fix of adrenaline-fuelled action. After all, there’s so many epic game zones for you to work your way through – this includes classics such as capture the flag and stronghold. So, from the very first moment to the last, you can expect a truly action-packed event!

“All the equipment worked as should and the terrain was a great mixture of open ground and woodland. we all came way feeling exhausted, a few bruises and all agreed it was a great experience. thanks so much to the team for giving us a fun and exciting few hours”.

– Stuart Holder, Visitor to Oxford Paintball

So, there you have it folks! If you’re a true adrenaline junkie, then you certainly won’t be disappointed if you pay a visit to Oxford Paintball. If you’d like to find out any additional information about this awesome venue, then you can visit the following link to do exactly that.

What to Wear for Paintball

Despite its military background, you might be surprised (and pleased) to discover that the grand ole game of paintball doesn’t require too much specialist equipment. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. For your own peace of mind, each and every one of our UK paintball sites provide the standard equipment needed such as your paintball marker, mask, goggles and overalls.

However, as with any outdoor activity, it’s important to prepare beforehand and think about what you’re going to wear underneath all of that protective gear. The general rule here at Go Ballistic is to put function before fashion – for your own and everyone else’s safety. So, read on to discover what we think you should be wearing when you turn up for a day of Go Ballistic paintballing action!

Head and Hands

All of our paintballing sites will provide the overall protection for your head and eyes through goggles and masks, but there are additional steps you can take to ensure that your most precious body part can be well protected from those flying paintballs! You could sport your hood from your hoodie, as this provides neck protection, too. Failing that, then a baseball cap (worn backwards) or a beanie hat should do the trick. To protect your hands, consider wearing golf, gardening or gym gloves, as these offer a certain degree of protection but aren’t too cumbersome.

Top Half

It’s important to cover as much as possible up top as a direct paintball hit on bare skin can be a painful affair. This rules out vests, t-shirts and any other short-sleeved top you may be considering! We suggest wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt or a hoody – which is also useful for neck protection. If the weather’s wet (let’s be honest, it probably will be) then remember to pack a waterproof jacket. But, in our opinion, the more mud, the better!

Bottom Half

It’s best to favour comfort and protection over fashion – so leave those skinny jeans at home! We’d recommend wearing a pair of loose-fitting jogging or tracksuit bottoms. Failing these, then a solid pair of cargo pants would also do the job sufficiently. Remember that all of our paintballing experiences include overalls to wear on the day, so make sure you’ve got room for them over your underclothing!


Leave your Jimmy Choos at home and dig those old trainers out of the shoe rack because you’re going to have to wear something you don’t mind getting wet and dirty on your feet. If you can, opt for a high-top shoe which offers some degree of ankle support, as ankle twists are the most common injury when paintballing.

Final Thoughts

The above pointers should shoot you in the right direction for safety and success out in the paintball arena. The most important thing to remember is to favour function over fashion, as it could be the difference between a minor or more serious injury. Also, be sure to wear clothing you don’t mind getting muddy and covered in paint! The water-based soluble paint used in paintballs washes out of clothes easily, but it’s best to play it safe by not wearing your Sunday best. That’s about all there is to it. All that’s left to do is to think comfort, think safety and most importantly, enjoy the game!

Ten of the Best Paintballing Songs

So you’re about to step into the paintball arena, emotions are running high and adrenaline is kicking in. But what’s running through your head? Maybe you should be thinking about your strategy for when you enter the game zone. But instead there’s that annoying song you heard on the car radio this morning – going over, and over, and over again.

Sound familiar? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. This is why we here at Go Ballistic are here to provide you with some of the most inspirational, motivating songs for you to listen to before you reign supreme in the paintball arena. Check them out below.

Europe – The Final Countdown

Swedish band Europe count down the seconds until you load up that hopper and pull the trigger with this hard rock classic from 1986. The song is based around an apocalyptic yet optimistic trip to Venus – but instead we can pretend that it’s about a trip to one of our UK paintballing venues.

Rage Against The Machine – Guerrilla Radio

The late nineties saw a few rap metal bands come to the limelight.One of these bands,Rage Against The Machine,proved to be rather successful with their signature brand of politically charged tunes.This one will get you psyched up,for sure.

Drowning Pool – Bodies

‘Let the bodies hit the floor,let the bodies hit the floor…’.This nu metal classic from 2001 is perfect pre-paintballing listening material – hence the name.Although it can be used as a perfect paintballing soundtrack,it has been the theme song for a number of WWE events and has been featured in various films,TV programmes and advertisements.

The Prodigy – Voodoo People(Pendulum Remix)

This wouldn’t be a motivational music list without a healthy dose of drum n’ bass.Pendulum get the job done well on this classic from English electronic legends The Prodigy.

Fort Minor – Remember the Name

Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park formed an alternative hip hop group who released this banger back in 2005.The motivating lyrics can be applied to all kinds of sports,including paintball,as it has been included numerous times throughout television and advertisements in many countries.

Roy Jones Jr – Can’t Be Touched

No,you’re not seeing things.Considered one of the greatest boxers of all time,Roy Jones Jr,holds multiple world titles in four weight divisions.Turns out,he isn’t too shabby behind the microphone,either.This upbeat song is perfect listening material if you’re looking to knock out your opponents(I’ll grab my coat).

Disturbed – Indestructible

This is the third single from American heavy metal band Disturbed’s fourth album.Representing the band’s success in the music industry,the song is also known for encouraging troops who are about to embark on the fiercest of battles – game on!

DJ Khaled – All I Do Is Win

This 2009 hip hop song from DJ Khaled will get you more than pumped for a paintball battle.Numerous sports teams from around the world have used this anthem as their walk on tune.You should do the same.

Kanye West – Power

Kanye West released Power as his lead single from his fifth album,My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.The title of the track says it all,with its powerful lyrics combining with the tribal-warfare backing track,you’ve got a recipe for a perfect motivational track.

Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger

American rock band Survivor provide the motivation right until you step into the ring…I mean,the paintball arena.It really wouldn’t be an inspirational music list without this song,would it?


So there we have it,a list of songs which will hopefully keep you hyped-yet-focused throughout the duration of your paintball battle!Not sure when you next battle is going to be?You can search for your nearest paintballing venue over on ourmain website.

St Albans Paintball Wins Venue of the Month for August!

Go Ballistic should most definitely be your first port of call when it comes to adrenaline-fuelled action on the battlefield. After all, we boast some of the best venues that the UK and Ireland has to offer!

On that note, it’s that time once again – time to name our venue of the month winner! So, without any further ado, we’re proud to announce that St Albans Paintball are the worthy winners for August! Read on and you’ll find out exactly why.

Based in the south of St Albans, this fantastic site is ideally located for thrill seekers across the South of England, meaning you’re less than an hour away from the capital, as well as within reach of Watford, Hatfield, and more!

But, it’s of course the awesome Paintball experience which makes a visit to this wonderful city all the more worthwhile. Blasting your way through the awesome game zones, you’re guaranteed to feel like you’re in a real life warzone from the very first moment to the last!

A true adrenaline rush is exactly what you can expect, and there’s no need for any previous experience either – making St Albans the perfect venue for a group event such as a stag/hen do or corporate event! Recent visitors to the site certainly enjoyed their experience too – here’s what they had to say:

“Had absolutely cracking afternoon. all the staff & marshals friendly and nothing was to much trouble.
explained all the rules thoroughly and always on hand to help.
my son, his friends & i couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon. was everything we expected & more”.
– Richard Leighton, Visitor to St Albans Paintball

“The best place in London”.
– Krzysztof Terelak, Visitor to St Albans Paintball

So, there you have it – if you’re impressed by St Albans Paintball and think that it would be the ideal destination for your next battle fix, head on over to our main website to find out more information about our latest venue of the month winner!