Paintball St Albans Wins December’s Venue of the Month!

Less than a week to go until Christmas and the celebrations have started early at GB HQ – and no not because we’ve decided to extend our Christmas party! We’re celebrating our latest venue of the month, and we’re delighted to announce it’s Paintball St Albans that are taking home the title in time for Christmas.

Throughout December we’ve been absolutely inundated with five-star feedback for this brilliant battle zone, and after claiming December’s venue of the month award they’re now part of a very elite club. Yep, they’re one of just two paintball parks to have won our venue of the month award twice – and that tells you everything you need to know about just how awesome this woodland war zone is!

That’s not going to stop us singing their praises though, after all there’s a lot to love about unleashing your inner action hero at St Albans Paintball, starting with game zones. If you’re a fan of expansive outdoor games zones bursting with action and ambush opportunities there really is nowhere better, and with 7 different maps to blast your way round you’re guaranteed the fight of your life. One minute you’re battling it out in the legendary pyramid and Stonehenge game zones, the next you’re waging war in the super exciting speedball arena. What’s not to love?

As well as being home to some of the country’s best game zones, Paintball St Albans is also home to some of best staff and instructors too – and they’re even crazier about paintball than we are! They ensure every experience is as much fun as possible, whilst also maintaining the highest safety standards, meaning paintballers of all ages and abilities can focus on enjoying every single second. With experience running events of all sizes too, whatever the occasion there’s nobody better qualified to give you an unforgettable day of paintball.

Enough from us though, here’s a look at some of those five star reviews we mentioned..

“The guys that led our group of 9/10 year olds were great – the boys really liked them and they were fun and strict with rules at the same time.”

Nicola Lloyd – St Albans, Paintball – 09 Dec 2017

“Absolutely one of the best days out this year, great staff and a great arena.”

Olly Withers – St Albans, Paintball – 02 Dec 2017

“Game play and marshalls were brilliant. All staff friendly and down to earth.”

Mark Bishop – St Albans, Paintball – 18 Nov 2017

“John and his staff were excellent. They dealt with a large group of excited fifteen-year-old girls with both friendliness and safety awareness. They even laid on extra facilities to help with the food and decorations and offered to provide extra food if needed. They made my daughter’s birthday party extra special.”

Imogen Balladares – St Albans, Paintball – 12 Nov 2017

We told you they were good! So what are you waiting for? Get ready for the fight of your life by heading into battle at the awesome St Albans Paintball.

Have You Spotted These 5 Types Of Christmas Shopper?

Less than two weeks ’til Christmas and we still haven’t started our shopping! It’s OK though, we’re not alone. According to our *ahem expert research, millions of people like to leave things last minute. That’s not all we’ve discovered though, we’ve spotted five types of Christmas shopper and we reckon you’ll recognise them too..

The Trolley Dasher

Let’s face it, we’ve all done it. You’ve left things too late and before you know it you’re charging round the supermarket stuffing everything and everything into your trolley. Merry Christmas mum, here’s that shower gel you always wanted.

The Super Shopper

The super shopper is the exact opposite of The Trolley Dasher, they did their shopping months ago and they’ve had it wrapped since September. The only thing they enjoy more than being outrageously organised is telling everybody just how organised they are.

The Let Somebody Else Do It-er

If this is you you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about. As far as you’re concerned the presents buy themselves, wrap themselves and magically find their under the tree. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

The One Day Wonder

Deep down we all hate Christmas shopping, but The One Day Wonder really hates Christmas shopping, and that’s why they’re not coming home until they’ve bought every last present. It could take 2 hours, it could take 12, as long as it’s done in a single day they really don’t care.

The Last Minute Hero

Leaving things last minute isn’t always a bad thing. Just look at The Last Minute Hero, they mange to pull it out of the bag every year without fail and they spend most of the festive season eating, drinking and being merry. Yep, with just days to spare they’ll nip down the shops and return with the perfect presents foe everybody they know.

What type of Christmas shopper are you? Let us know in the comments below, or if you’re still in search of the perfect present head over to the Go Ballistic website!

Airsoft Bawtry Joins The GB Team!


If you go down to the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise.. our brand new battle zone, Airsoft Bawtry!

That’s right, we’re delighted to welcome this epic outdoor arena to the GB lineup, and if you’re lucky enough to live near some of South Yorkshire’s biggest cities you’re just a stone’s throw away from the action!

Hidden amongst thick forestland, Bawtry Airsoft is home to one of the most immersive airsoft experiences in the country. So if you’re ready to experience military simulation at its brilliant best, there’s nowhere better to kit up and wage war.

You’ll also find an incredible array of game zones to fight your way through too, meaning wannabe warriors of all abilities are guaranteed the fight of their lives. One minute you could be battling for control of a key bridge, the next you could be ducking and diving behind a downed chopper. With every new game zone you enter you’re guaranteed even more excitement and even more action!

As well as the brilliant battle zones, Bawtry Airsoft also boasts top of the range equipment and first class facilities, making it the perfect venue for a variety of events. So if you’re ready to have a blast and battle it out with the best there’s only one place to be, our awesome new venue Airsoft Bawtry.

The Only Christmas Party Hangover Cure You Need This December..


Christmas parties are awesome aren’t they, the drinking, the dancing, the drama. Even you boss seems alright after a few festive cocktails!

Guess when they’re not awesome though.. 9am the next morning when your back at work suffering with a hangover the size of Santa’s sack.

The antics of an awesome Xmas party don’t need to ruin your day though, believe it or not there’s a sure-fire way to shake a festive hangover and we guarantee you’ll have a blast. So forget the full English or bacon butty, what you need is to get active, what you need is a game of paintball!

Yep, you heard us, paintball. What’s not to love about paintball? It gives you the perfect opportunity to fill you lungs with fresh air and have even more fun with your new best buds from work. You’ll even get the chance to battle your boss, who despite being the life and soul of the party the previous evening will be back to being Mr/Mrs Grinch before you know it.

Don’t get us wrong you’re still going to have to rehydrate and keep your sugar levels up, but that’s a given, it’s playing paintball that will really save you. The thrill of waging war with your workmates is guaranteed to take your mind off how rough you’re feeling, and thankfully you won’t have to remember any complicated rules either. All you have to do is survive for as long as possible. So in theory you could find a nice hiding place and catch up on your kip until the action’s over!

Let’s face it there’s no fun in that though, especially when you’re competing against your colleagues. No, you’re there to win and fuelled by last night’s booze you’ll be pulling off stunts straight out of Rambo’s playbook. We’re yet to encounter a hangover yet that can’t be cured by an action roll!

So what are you waiting for? That festive hangover isn’t going to kick itself! We’ll see you on the battlefield..

Men – What We Really Want For Christmas


Three days into the Go Ballistic advent calendar and we’ve just had a horrible thought.. there are only 22 days until Christmas!

It’s OK, there’s no need to panic, we’re guessing you’ve got most of your shopping done by now anyway, right? What! There’s just one person you’re stuck with. Let us guess it’s a bloke.. don’t worry we’ve got this here’s what the man in your life really want for Christmas.

A box set..

Whether it’s their favourite action movies or the latest TV blockbuster, you can’t beat a box set. It’s the perfect excuse to do nothing and all most of us really want for Christmas is the chance to stay on the sofa for as long as physically possible.

Paintball gear..

Whether it’s for your dad, brother, boyfriend or husband, if they’re combat sports crazy they’ll be blown away by some brand new paintball gear. There’s plenty to choose from too and it doesn’t need to break the bank. drop a few subtle hints and you’ll discover exactly what they’re after.

Anything made of chocolate..

Stuffing yourself with chocolate is up their with hibernating on the sofa, so if you combine the two you’ve hit the jackpot! There’s no such thing as too much chocolate at Christmas, and it takes a better bloke than us to turn down the odd chocolate orange or seven.


Deep down most men are just big kids, and like kids what we really want for Christmas is the latest toys. When it comes to gadgets they don’t even need to be that expensive, in fact usually the more pointless and likely to break they are the better!

A combat sports experience..

Yep, the only thing better than new kit is the chance to get out on the field and unleash your inner action hero. With a Go Ballistic voucher they can choose from paintball, airsoft and laser combat,  and if that doesn’t satisfy their appetite for action nothing will!

We hope that helps, but if you’re still short of ideas there’s only one place to be:


Scientists Have Discovered The Ultimate Christmas Present!

We’re going to take a punt here and say you probably can’t remember what you got for Christmas last year?

It’s OK, we can’t either, and unless you got something really awesome (like a Go Ballistic Paintball voucher) the chances are you’d already forgotten by Boxing Day!

The same applies for all those gifts that you spent hours searching the shops for, and that’s why we think paintball, airsoft and laser combat experiences make the perfect present. After all, who’s going to forget the time they got to unleash their inner action hero for a day?

OK, so we’re a little bit biased, but there’s some proper science behind our belief that experiences make better make presents than traditional gifts. Recent research conducted by San Francisco State University found that people who spent money on experiences (like paintball) were happier and believed their money had been better spent. That’s right, just giving a gift experience has been proven to make you feel happier, so just imagine how made up you’d be to receive one!

The boffins at San Francisco State University aren’t alone in their findings either. Dr. Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at Cornell University who has been studying the question of money and happiness for more than 20 years, believes that experiences (LIKE PAINTBALL) make better presents because they have a bigger impact on the recipients life. He might be on to something too, because we’ve felt the impact of a fair few paintballs in our time and they’re pretty hard to forget!

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that heading into battle is more exciting than smelly old socks though. Anybody who’s been lucky to get their hands on a Go Ballistic voucher will tell you just how unforgettable our experiences are – especially if you end the day on the winning team!

So forget buying more clutter this Christmas, science says there’s only one gift that should be under your tree and it’s a Go Ballistic voucher.

Experience Airsoft Like Never Before at Barnsley Airsoft!

The battle between airsoft and paintball splits the combat sports community like nothing else, but a trip to our latest new venue might just settle the argument once and for all. So get ready to wage war like never before at the brilliant Barnsley Airsoft!

Hidden amongst thick forestland, this dense woodland war zone guarantees wannabe warriors an ultra-authentic taste of military action, meaning even experienced players are in for the fight of their lives. With everything from woodland shacks, military camps and abandoned outbuildings to battle your way round though, there’s something for players of all at Barnsley Airsoft.

Upon arriving for duty at Airsoft Barnsley you’re also kitted up with all the latest combat equipment, including a state-of-the-art replica assault rifle, which is perfect for bringing all those action hero dreams to life. It takes more than a few action rolls to complete the missions on offer at Barnsley airsoft though. With everything from military-themed missions and objective-based games to battle it out in, your combat skills will be pushed to the limit.

So, are you ready to join the ranks combat crazy comrades waging war at Airsoft Barnsley? Book your battle here.

Prepare for Battle, Black Friday is Coming!

The countdown is almost over, the biggest day of discounts is nearly here, happy Black Friday everybody.

Now let’s all run down to the shops and fight over things we didn’t even know we wanted in the first place – see you at the checkout!

Just kidding, we’re all for bagging a bargain but we like to do our battling at the paintball park. So if you’re anything like us you’ll be relieved to hear you can get your hands on the best Black Friday deal without having to run around like Rambo.

That’s right, we’re getting in on the action too, by bringing you an exclusive Go Ballistic Black Friday offer that’s almost impossible to beat. We don’t want to give away too much though, so all we’re saying for now is that it will definitely feature our gift boxes. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside..


Your Go Ballistic Voucher – The pièce de résistance, valid at over 220 of the UK and Ireland’s best combat arenas and redeemable against any paintball, airsost or laser combat experience.

The Adrenalin Guide – A glossy guide book bursting with the world’s most exciting activities and experiences. Every single page is packed with facts, figures, hints, tips and trivia.

Your Redemption Instructions – A simple step-by-step guide to redeeming your Go Ballistic voucher as quickly and easily as possible.

The Info Sheet – This is where we like to share all of our expert paintball knowledge. From tips and tactics, to a taste of some of the most exciting missions you’ll play, you’ll find it all on your info sheet.

And.. If you’re really lucky the Go Ballistic elves might even throw in a few festive sprinkles, but they can be quite grumpy, so we can’t promise anything!

Now you know what’s in the box, all that’s left to do now is countdown the minutes until our Black Friday offer goes live. To find out what else we’ve got in store head over to the Go Ballistic website at midnight tonight.

Congratulations to November’s Venue of the Month, Paintball Horsham!


The winter weather may be closing in but it’s not stopping us playing paintball, and if you’re waging war this winter there’s only one place to be.. November’s Venue of The Month, Paintball Horsham!

Where do we start with what we love about this epic outdoor arena? Hmm, how about the game zones.. all 18 of them! That’s right, this colossal combat arena is home to 18 tailor-made game zones – and there’s even more on the way. Each offers a completely unique challenge too, so the action keeps on coming thick and fast. One minute you’re fighting for control of ‘King Arthur’s Castle’, the next you’re battling it out in the enormous 1 acre jungle war zone. We guarantee you’ve never played paintball like this before!

It’s not just the game zones that make Horsham Paintball worthy winners of our venue of the month award though. The team of instructors and marshals are well worth a mention too! With years of experience to call on they know exactly how to ensure every experience is as much fun as possible, and they definitely don’t disappoint. They also maintain impeccable safety standards, which means all you need to worry about is having a much fun as possible.

Something else which makes a trip to Paintball Horsham a must is the quality of the equipment, and it’s just as impressive as their game zones and commitment to customer service. On arrival you’re kitted up with the latest in paintball gear ready for the fight of your life, and trust us, when the kit’s this good there’s no excuse for ending the day on the losing team!

Don’t just take our word for it though, here’s a look at some of Paintball Horsham’s fantastic five star reviews..

“A fantastic afternoon for my son’s 13th birthdaywith 7 of his friends. They had a brilliant time and the event was very well managed and safe”

Jackie – Paintball Horsham – 27th October 2017

“Absolutely brilliant service and operation!”

Andrew Boon – Paintball Horsham – 7th October 2017

Head into battle at this epic arena by booking here.

Say No To Socks & Get The Wannabe Action Hero In Your Life What They Really Want!

We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but nobody wants socks for Christmas. In fact we’re so sick of socks that this year we’re saying a straight no to socks!

It’s not just socks we’re saying no to though, we’ve declared war on all those boring presents that get chucked in a draw as soon as Christmas is over. We want something as exciting as heading into battle and that’s why Go Ballistic vouchers make the perfect present.

Like all the best battle zones our vouchers are completely customisable. You choose the value (from £10), the message, and the gift wrap – making every voucher 100% one of a kind. It’s the message that gives you the chance to really put your stamp on things though, and over the years we’ve seen it all. So don’t be afraid to really let your creative juices flow.

Not only are Go Ballistic paintball vouchers completely customisable, they also get you into the UK and Ireland’s best paintball, airsoft and laser combat arenas. With over 220 different battle zones to choose from the lucky recipient will be sso spoilt for choice they won’t know where to start. They could even use their Go Ballistic vouchers to take on a terrifying zombie survival experience!

As if there wasn’t enough to love about Go Ballistic vouchers, they’re even easier to wrap than socks! You can either print them out at home and stick them in a card, or if you’ve picked a gift wallet or gift box they’ll arrive at your door perfectly presented and ready to be wrapped. If you like to leave things last minute (or have just plain forgotten somebody) you can even get your hands on paintball, airsoft and laser combat vouchers on Christmas Day. They’ll be sent straight to your email inbox and nobody will be any the wiser – the perfect crime.

We know what we’d rather get our hands on, don’t you? Knock their Christmas socks off by getting your hands on a Go Ballistic voucher here.

“I bought this as a gift for my dad and brother and they loved it! They had such a good day! I will definitely be booking again.”

Sharna Hayward, Airsoft Kidderminster

“My son and his friends had a brilliant time. Extremely well organised and a perfect present!”

Jacqui Purdy, Paintball Sidcup