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From $5.00 per person

Behind every commercial success is a successful team of employees. For this reason, corporate team building events and incentive packages are universally important and enjoyed by the vast majority of companies.

Go Ballistic Oz have more than 15 years experience in providing thrilling and constructive team building events and incentive packages, and allowing valued clients or colleagues to get the adrenalin flowing while they blow off some steam.

Take a look through our extensive list of Paintball Skirmish facilities throughout Australia, as well as the variety of events available to you.

We'll deal with planning and organisation of your package, while you will reap the benefits.

Go Ballistic Oz incentive vouchers are now available.

Incentive packages are proven to improve performance and increase profitability. What's more, the activities or events featured are always greatly enjoyed and this is guaranteed to boost morale.

A driven workforce is a productive workforce and incentive vouchers represent tremendously appealing goals which your team will endeavour to achieve.

Option 1: Reward Vouchers

We produce tailor made vouchers, featuring your company's design and branding. Simply choose an activity or a value that you wish the voucher to feature, tell us exactly how you'd like them, and then savour the excitement that this incredible package will be greeted with by the lucky members of staff.

Option 2: Incentive Points System

Alternatively, we can also tailor make an incentive points system, with which your employees can earn points or credits through their job, and redeem these points or credits through us, in whichever adrenaline-pumping fashion they see fit.

Recognising your staff's achievements encourages them to achieve even more. That's why our incentive programs could prove so beneficial to you.

Corporate hospitality, team building events and away days can greatly benefit your company for a number of reasons. Adrenaline and adventure activities ensure a contented and committed workforce, as they allow for enjoyment and play, while promoting the core values that success is reliant upon, such as communication, teamwork, leadership skills and problem solving.

Through exercising these core skills, your team will enjoy increased productivity, competence and profit.

Why not leave the planning and organisation of your event in our more than capable hands? That way, you can focus your energy on simply having a fantastic time.

While primarily an activity provider we are also able to arrange your hotel accommodation, meeting venue, transport and dining options, Your event will be tailor made to your specific requirements and achieve the outcomes you intend.

We can arrange a heart-pounding paintball experience, a revved up kart race, or a great deal more. We can even combine our amazing sporting event for days, or whole weekends of adventure, and we'll select venues can cater to all of your conferencing and hospitality needs.

If you have any questions regarding a corporate event, or you'd like to discuss your options, don't hesitate to contact our Corporate Department and find out just how comprehensive a package we can offer.

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Feel free to contact us for further information or to discuss your options for a cracking Paintball corporate event.

  • Guaranteed Safety

    • All sites have valid public liability insurance (copies provided on request)
    • All sites have copies of risk assessments (copies provided on request)
  • Organiser Help

    • Assistance with transport requirements
    • Advice on best site to go to and best packages to book
    • Tailored timings to suit your group (weekdays only)
  • On Site Safety

    • Full safety briefing for all players
    • Fully trained marshals supervising at all times